Ektank has cooperated with Lean Marine and implemented the new and innovative FuelOpt solutions in their strive to increase their competitiveness and modernize their vessel operation M/T Ekfjord, owned by Ektank AB, has since April 2015 been operating with the Lean Marine FuelOpt system.

Up to now M/T Ekfjord have had an average fuel saving of 15%. Ektank AB decided to utilize the possibilities with FuelOpt to its maximum and installed a frequency converter between the shaft generator and the main switchboard (engineered by Lean Marine).

The system was commissioned in September 2016 and so far there is an additional saving of another 5%. The installations by Lean Marine on board M/T Ekfjord have given Ektank a vessel that has lowered the environmental impact significantly as well as lowered the fuel consumption with approximately 20%.

Besides the actual savings that Lean Marine’s solutions offer, we must also highlight their responsiveness and ability to implement features that provides even more enhanced usability to our specific needs. We highly recommend Lean Marine to shipping companies that takes fuel saving seriously. – Fredrik Farsén, Technical Manager at Ektank AB.

Lean Marine is a proud supplier helping Ektank in improving their competitiveness within the intermediate product tanker segment.