Jan-Thore Foss (Head of Fleet Management at UECC) and Anders Bergh (Technical Sales Manager at Lean Marine) shake hands to confirm the order to install FuelOpt systems on UECC vessels. Nor-shipping was a great time overall for us at Lean Marine. The icing on the cake was definitely the signing of an order to deliver and install our FuelOpt fuel saving system on Norwegian car carrier owner and operator UECC’s vessel AutoSky. The vessel is equipped with twin controllable pitch propellers and with the assistance of a FuelOpt system it’s set to get a substantial tweak to its propulsive efficiency.

FuelOpt will actively assist in managing the propulsion machinery’s parameters (i.e. propeller pitch and RPM) for maximum performance. It also enables the crew to manage the operational parameters of the vessel (speed & consumption) more accurately and predictably. The system will be installed without taking the vessel out of standard rotation which is common practice for a Lean Marine installation.

We at Lean Marine are very happy to get this opportunity to contribute to the efficiency of UECC’s fleet. After installing the FuelOpt system on AutoSky, her two sisters AutoSun and AutoStar are identified as the next logical benefactors of the same treatment.

We welcome AutoSky and later her sisters in the family of more than 130 vessels already equipped with Lean Marine systems.