Lean Marine continues to work to save the planet’s resources by minimizing fuel consumption and reducing the carbon footprint on marine vessels together with Wisby Tankers. Lean Marine’s automated and direct fuel-saving solution FuelOpt™ will be installed on two of Wisby’s vessels: the Essayra and the Atlantic Orchard.

FuelOpt™ is a refined “on top” control system that keeps a real-time eye on the vessel’s performance and changing conditions, and continuously optimizes the vessel’s propulsion to maintain fuel consumption as low as possible at every given point throughout a voyage.

Wim Mulder, Performance Manager at Wisby Tankers AB, is as motivated as we are regarding our collaboration:

“We are ready to install FuelOpt onboard our two vessels, Essayra and Atlantic Orchard, by the end of the first quarter of 2020.
We aim to increase our operational efficiency and maintain a sustainable business by saving both fuel and the environment. Therefore, FuelOpt combined with Fleet Analytics will enable us to reach our goal and exceed it.”