Lean Marine continues to encourage ship owners and operators to take action to save our planet’s resources. Every vessel operating with FuelOpt™ is a step towards a greener future. Hence, we are very pleased to announce Lean Marine and Ardmore’s collaboration on improving their operational efficiency and achieving high standards on environmental sustainability.

Lean Marine’s automated and direct fuel-saving solution FuelOpt™ will be installed on Ardmore Sealion. FuelOpt™ is a refined “on top” propulsion automation system that keeps a real-time eye on the vessel’s performance and changing conditions, and continuously optimizes the vessel’s propulsion to minimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions at every given point throughout a voyage.

Garry Noonan, Technical Manager at Ardmore Shipping, shares our excitement:

“Ardmore is dedicated to the very best operating practices, customer service, and operational efficiency. This dedication is completed with our commitment to protecting the marine environment.

Hence, we are looking forward to installing FuelOpt™ onboard of Ardmore Sealion in 2020, and we believe that adopting the promising clean technology FuelOpt™ will enable us to take a big step forward operational excellence and greener shipping.”