Commissioning Engineer - Get onboard for making in the Marine industry greener

We at Lean Marine are looking to strengthen our Application team with one Commissioning Engineer with the responsibility on complete installation of our world-leading automation systems for the vessels where they are in the world. Lean Marine helps vessels to operate with a reduced environmental footprint and our solutions significantly reduces the amount of fuel consumed by vessels and increases the competitiveness for our customers.

Do you want to work with innovative products in a fast-growing company within the marine industry? Do you want to have a direct impact on the environment by working at a company that reduces the carbon footprint of their customers?

If so, we would love to see your application!

The Role

As a Commissioning Engineer at Lean Marine, you will meet the vessel wherever it might be in the world with the responsibility to complete the installation. 

Not only are you installing the system through taking care of schematics, installing FuelOpt™ and commission the system to improve performance; you’re also responsible for educating the crew on how to use it. 

When in the office in Gothenburg you will spend the time planning and preparing for the vessels to come. 

Experience and qualifications we think you have

We believe you are meticulous and careful. Vessels are big machines and FuelOpt™  take control of the main engine – you make sure FuelOpt™   does it in correct manners. So yes, you will have a rather large responsibility and it will be important to get it right. You are a problem-solver, always weighing different options so you can find the right piece of the puzzle. When it’s necessary to ask someone, you don’t hesitate. 

As a person you are positive, driven curious and committed, and you like to discuss solutions and technology with a smile. Just like your colleagues.

Our four wishes for this positions:

  • You probably have a bachelor’s degree in electrical or automation engineering, or have some years of work experience as an electrical engineer, automation engineer, marine engineer or marine electrician.
  • You stay calm and solve any unexpected obstacle as they occur.
  • You are fluent in English.
  • You have a driver’s license.

Do you have experience from the marine business?  If so, it is a benefit, but not a requirement.

Lean Marine

Lean Marine offers innovative solutions for fuel saving and increased operational efficiency for the marine industry. Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of operating a vessel. With the head office in Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden, Lean Marine’s vision is to become a globally recognized player synonymous with direct and effective solutions. 

Lean Marine’s automated and direct fuel-saving system FuelOpt™ and state-of-the-art performance management and reporting software, Fleet Analytics™, have been contracted for more than 175 vessels, representing over 40 different ship owners and have helped us develop a solid experience in improving the bottom line for customers worldwide.

Why Lean Marine?

Here’s a job with a view. As a Commissioning Engineer you’re going to see a lot of this planet – a planet you will also be helping through the reduction of CO2 emissions. This of course also means that you’re going to learn a lot.

Welcome to a place where you can both grow and do something for the environment. 

Welcome to Lean Marine.

Recruitment Process

We will evaluate candidates as the applications are submitted. Please submit your application including your CV and a personal letter to

We look forward to meeting you and hope to welcome you to the company in the future!