A modern vessel contains a huge amount of data just waiting to be analyzed and made useful. Let us help you get the most out of your vessel. Not only through hands-on OPTIMIZATION (click here to learn more), but also through efficent PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS and REPORTING.

The Lean Marine Fleet Analytics system takes care of your needs whether you want to be able to daily follow up on the vessels in your fleet, analyse their long term performance, or create voyage and emissions reports.  

We've got just the tool for you!




The first step to achieving operational excellence through knowing your vessel better is to efficiently measure and collect all that meaningful information available on-board. The data is typically coming from a multitude of sources and systems and getting it all into one place can be a challenge.

Lean Marine has extensive experience with on-board data collection and through our ShipSense hardware we'll make sure that your vessel gathers, standardizes and submits all the data to Fleet Analytics cloud for your analysis and reporting needs.

The Fleet Analytics tool will give you easy access to your data and reports through a simple to use web interface.



Fleet Analytics will give you follow-up, analysis and reporting functionality easily accessible and just a mouse click away. Here are just some of the things we can help you out with:

    Fleet Overview for the quick daily update - Have your morning cup of coffee while getting up to speed on the fleet status.

    Detailed vessel follow-up view - Track a multitude of parameters over time to see if anything stands out.

    In-depth performance analysis - Find out just how great your vessel is (and where it can improve). Why not compare it to its sisters?

    Automated voyage and emissions reports -  You likely have better things to do than compiling and checking reports. Fleet Analytics doesn't mind doing it for you.




If you are a shipowner, operator, charterer or in any other way involved with vessels over 5000 gross tonnes and operating in Europe: you have probably heard of the requirement to Monitor, Report and Verify the vessel's CO2 emissions from 1st January 2018. Commonly referred to as the MRV framework, this EU requirement will change the way you collect and report data from your vessel.

Lean Marine Fleet Analytics will get you ready and capable for the MRV requirement. Don't hesitate to give us a call and we'll help you with your needs. 

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