How Much Data Does Your Vessel Carry - Without You Making Any Use of It?

Did you know most vessels today carry not only valuable cargo loads but also huge amounts of valuable data? Your vessel is most likely one of them.

Here is the thing. All ship-owners want to plan and execute their voyages in the most efficient way possible. But to truly achieve operational excellence, you need to understand things like why fuel consumption patterns are the way they are and what improves or decreases vessel performance.

Not making use of important vessel data simply means you are missing out on improvement opportunities. So, how can we help ship-owners make use of all this valuable data?

Data Analysis of Vessel Operations

So, this is how it works. By collecting, measuring, and analyzing data onboard your vessel, you get access to information that can provide operational insight and improve your operations. This can support important decisions as well as ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

However, vessel data is typically coming from a multitude of sources and systems, and getting it all into one place can be a challenge. This is why we came up with a reporting and data analysis solution that automatically does it for you.

We call it Fleet Analytics.

Fleet Analytics Unlocks The True Potential of Your Vessel


Fleet Analytics is a cloud-based reporting and data analysis solution that handles all data generated by your vessel whilst in operation. It helps you understand how your vessel has been performing and how to operate going forward.

Fleet Analytics provides efficiency trending, automatic environmental and voyage reports, and aggregated fleet views and status information. The data is translated into simple and clear information to improve vessel operation and reporting.

Fleet Analytics can be used for daily follow-up on your vessel as well as for analyzing long term performance. The user-friendly web interface gives you a quick overview of the status of the vessels in your fleet.

Fleet Analytics also provides more detailed technical information of your vessel, which can be used to find potential problems or gain a deeper understanding of your vessel operation. In addition, you can analyze the performance of your vessel and compare it to other vessels to help you further improve vessel performance.

Fleet Analytics is independent of FuelOpt and available as a pure reporting and data analysis tool. However, when used together, you have a unique combination of data analysis over time and direct fuel optimization every second.

Top Benefits of Fleet Analytics

Ship-owners around the world are using Lean Marine’s reporting and data analysis solution. The reasons are many. Here are some of the top benefits of Fleet Analytics.

★ Operational excellence and efficient voyage planning

Collecting and analyzing valuable vessel data helps you in the process of achieving operational excellence and efficient voyage planning.

★ Easy to make fact-based decisions

With Fleet Analytics, you don’t have to rely on assumptions. You are provided with high-quality data that helps you make fact-based decisions to improve your vessel operation.

★ Reduced workload for the crew

With Fleet Analytics, your crew doesn’t have to spend time compiling comprehensive reports. This is done automatically with just a click.

★ Clear and tangible data

Fleet Analytics presents vessel data in a clear and tangible manner so that you don’t have to struggle to understand complicated information.

★ Aids in meeting environmental requirements

Fleet Analytics aids ship-owners in meeting environmental requirements as it allows for quickly aggregating fuel consumption and CO2 emissions results.

★ Simplified onboard complexity

Modern vessels are more sophisticated and complex than ever. With easy-to-use reporting and analyzing functions, Fleet Analytics helps you simplify onboard complexity.