The Lean Marine Fuel Optimization Systems will ensure you get the most out of your owned or chartered vessel by ensuring that the vessel is always run with optimized fuel economy during those conditions when it matters the most.

Whether you're looking to more carefully control your vessel speed and propulsion power, or to directly improve the fuel consumption of your propulsion machinery; we've got the products and knowledge you require.

Interested? Read all about it below.



FuelOpt - Optimized Propulsive Power 

Operating a vessel to always keep predictable and consistent vessel speed and fuel consumption can be a real challenge for the crew on the bridge. The Lean Marine FuelOpt™ system will improve the speed management and use of the vessel's propulsive power.

The result: Proven and Demonstrable fuel savings.

We're all governed by the laws of physics. For a vessel at sea an unescapable truth is that one knot overspeed matters more than one knot underspeed in terms of fuel consumption.

The speed volatility around a certain desired speed therefore needs to be reduced in order to get maximum possible fuel economy.

The Lean Marine FuelOpt™ system will provide the crew with an interface to set a requested speed and a maximum allowed fuel consumption. Based on those set values the system will carefully control the propulsive power to achieve stable and predictable vessel speed with reduced power peaks and fuel consumption as a result.

In addition, the ability to control the vessel speed directly and not having to rely on an assumption that a specific lever position corresponds to a certain speed will often result in a more accurate and more conservative speed setting for the required ETA or route planning. This "cruise control" behaviour will again result in improved fuel economy.





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